The First Page of My Small Corner of the Internet: Here We Go!


(pulls imaginary confetti strings and imaginary glitter shoots into the air)

As I look forward to 2017 I can't help but think of how long I waited for 2017 to finally arrive. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing special about 2017 (yet), but I was so excited for 2017 because I wanted 2016 to get the heck out of my life. 2016.... the year that will never be spoken of. 2016 was definitely "eventful". First, Apple released the long awaited Macbook Pro- but wait, it sucks and STILL. NO. TOUCHSCREEN (the weird bar thing doesn't count). The South Korean President, Park Geun Hye was impeached for having scandalous ties to Shamanism (wtf). Russian and Syrian bombs destroyed hundreds of thousand of lives in Aleppo. New Jersey made declawing cats illegal (go you, New Jersey). What else.. oh and we elected an Oompa Loompa to be the President of the United States. 2016 was most definitely, eventful. 

EDIT: On December 19th I got scammed on Facebook and ended up sending my phone to a frigging scammer. Thankfully I found out right away and intercepted it. BUT DANG. 2016 just did not want to give me a break.

In 2016, I...

graduated from college.

The last semester of undergrad was a complete blur of deadlines and mixed feelings of: Happiness, to get out of the depressing hell hole that is New Brunswick. Relief. that I was actually able to graduate on time. Anxiety, about what is to come in the future. And Bittersweet, having thoughts on if I'd ever talk to or see certain people again -whether by choice or not. But before I knew it, that chapter of my life was closed.

started and completed my first semester of graduate school at New York University.

Sike! I'm in school again three months later! Officially moving into New York City with my tiny U-Haul truck of boxes, I embarked on a three month plus quest of affordable housing hunting. 

Long story short: naive and poor me + most expensive city in the country = so so many many tears.

But school started, I somehow survived through all the papers (actually there were so many papers I became an APA paper-producing machine), and in the craziness of assignment and presentation deadlines, multiple nights of existential crises, and many awesome "I DESERVE THIS" meals (because honestly NYC is the BEST place to live for a foodie), and the semester was over. If I were to give my experience in graduate school a rating, I would give it a solid C+ at this time. (I'll explain more on this in a future blog post regarding my feelings on graduate school overall. Promise!)


HA. I remember making templates on sites like Tumblr and and Livejournal (lol) but never wanting to launch an actual website with my own domain because I never believed that I was interesting enough. Man, if I had believed in myself back then and started right off, who knows where I would be now? Essentially, I was afraid to begin because I was afraid to confirm my irrational fears of feeling simply uninteresting and not unique. But I always hated myself for not even taking on this challenge when I knew I wanted to do it so badly. So one day I just whipped out my credit card and bought my own domain: Now that I spent money that I did not have to acquire this domain, I had no more excuses to not start. 

 It's all just so exciting and still blowing my mind that this address is my very own, little corner of the internet. Whether it's fun travel VLOGS on my YouTube or my deepest reflections spilling over into trails of incoherent words at 4am.. here, on this platform, in this little corner of the internet that is mine and mine alone, I want to share everything. My passions, my aspirations for the future, my inner-most fears, my rants, my reflections growing up, my professional journey, my favorite restaurants, moments, just everything. And I am just so excited. Also a bit nervous - which is normal when taking on new challenges. But mostly excited. So, here's to the first page of 2017. 


As always, thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.

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