January Moments 2017

1. HELLO, 2017

My first favorite moment of January was welcoming the new year in Seattle. It was the very first New Year's that I experienced with someone I love. It felt special. And the beginning of the new year somehow felt like like the end of a long race... and we survived and crossed the finish line. 2016 was something, wasn't it? 


We visited Kerry Park in my last few days in Washington and the view here was extraordinary. I truly believe that this trip to Washington left such a imprint in my heart. I absolutely fell in love with this state. Viewing Seattle from here was actually one of my favorite moments from my winter trip to Washington.


Before I knew it, I was already back in New York. And because of my internship, within days getting off the plane I was already on my feet, transferring from subway to subway, traveling all around Manhattan and the Boroughs. Although I was quite exhausted from my trip, I was oddly rejuvenated again. I always love exploring the city and while at the end of the day my feet are always dead and I need to wash off a layer of filth and bacteria from my body, New York really is so charming and always so exciting. This is the city where dreams are realized after all, right? 


One of my New Year's Resolutions was to rekindle my friendships and to really battle my anxiety and push my limits. Something interesting about post-graduate life that I never thought about was how isolating it is. When you're in college you don't really think about the people you take classes with or the friends you bump into in the dining hall. I feel like one of my biggest fears while in college was running into someone I didn't particularly get along with.. but when you graduate, you don't really "run-into" people as often.. or ever.

Being frank, I much prefer it this way because now I can really choose who I want to spend time with and when. When you are comfortable with a group of people and have multiple regular social groups, it's difficult to clearly see who your true friends are. Now that I've graduated, I've come to notice the friends that were always there for me and the friends that were just, kind of, not. By cutting off the non-edifying friendships in my life, I've come to really cherish the few important friends - both old and new :)


So. I do this to myself. Whether it's the beginning of the new year or not, I love to pack my schedule and make myself busy whenever I can. Right now, yes, I am pretty overwhelmed. On top of my classes, I have a full time internship, a part time job as a research assistant to an NYU professor, I'm achieving my life-long dream of volunteering for the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) which requires many hours of training, I've been (gratefully and surprisingly!) chosen as a finalist to present at a Conference for school and I also have to remember I have a boyfriend! (just kidding! (???))

But yes, with all of these deadlines and responsibilities I've been cherishing the moments in my day when I can sit down, grab a dirty chai latte and plan away. I've been utilizing my bullet journal a lot (new post coming soon!) and scriblling down the deadlines into my notebook has really helped me to calm my anxiety. I completely understand that life really does not always turn out the way you plan it on paper but I thoroughly enjoy planning regardless because I feel as if I have a bit more control over my life... instead of being pulled and thrown around everywhere. 

And those were my top 5 favorite moments of January, I hope you enjoyed reading through them! I'm excited to cherish every day and month and document my favorite moments on this blog. Time really does go by too fast, and I would be a fool to let it slip by without slowing down to enjoy the little moments.

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As always, thank you for reading.