Hungry Ghost Cafe: A Great Cafe for Those Productive Sunday Mornings

I am very proud to say that I've reduced my coffee consumption to only (only) 4-5 times a week. I say I'm proud because previously I definitely hit that point where my hands would start shaking if I didn't get my cup of coffee for the day. Now that that's out there, I thought I would start documenting all the different cafes that I've discovered throughout the boroughs of New York. While Starbucks is most definitely a staple favorite, discovering the small businesses and privately owned cafes has actually become one of the best aspects of living in New York. I love having conversations with the owners of the cafes, seeing how unique and special each cafe is and even learning more about the many different flavors and textures of coffee. 

"I love having conversations with the owners of the cafes... even learning more about the many different flavors and textures of coffee."


Last week while I was studying at another favorite cafe near this area (post coming soon!), I came to realize that I hadn't explored cafes in a while so I decided to try to find another so simply typed in "hipster cafes in Flatbush" and thus I was introduced to Hungry Ghost. 






I had a meeting early in the morning so after sleepily taking the train into Manhattan and then rushing back to Brooklyn to meet up with my boyfriend for brunch, I was really, really cranky (I hadn't had my coffee yet).

However, when I walked into this cafe, I instantly felt at peace. The industrial architecture, the brilliant and bright natural lighting, the smell of wonderful, rich coffee, and smiling people all around - I knew that I had found a hidden treasure.






Oh, and did I mention they have food? Because they do!

2017-02-17 04.42.19 1.jpg

It was a good think that I was RIDICULOUSLY hungry because I was ready to try everything on the menu. And interestingly, they did not have the prices of their sandwiches but good thing I was hungry! First I ordered their chicken oven-baked sandwich with grilled chicken, mozzarella, arugula, and pesto. And disclaimer, my review might be a little bit skewed because I was so hungry but overall, the sandwich was good! Nothing special to report, it was a chicken oven-baked sandwich with grilled chicken, mozzarella, arugula and pesto (how can anyone make that taste bad)! 

I drank an iced chai latte with the sandwich and it was hands down one of the best chai lattes I've tried so far! Perfectly "spicy" with the chai but not too overpowering! After stuffing my face with the sandwich I decided to get a salted chocolate chip cookie and a small hot Americano to sip on while doing some work. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the Americano because it was so bitter and tasted just like 5 shots of espresso. It's funny, because most of the times I've ordered an Americano the problem would be that it would taste like nothing since its been watered down so much!

And the most unfortunate of all, the cookie was pretty average too... maybe it would have tasted better heated up? However as you can see from the photos up there, both their meal and dessert menus are pretty stacked, so I know I am going to be trying out a lot of them over time.


2017-02-17 04.41.53 1.jpg

As always, thank you for reading.

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