Koneko Cat Cafe: Where Delicious Coffee and Cute Felines Collide

I visited Koneko Cat Cafe for the first time last year when my fiance (boyfriend at the time) surprised me with a reservation as a part of my birthday festivities. Oh, he knows me very well. 

Per NYC's Department of Health regulations, the cafe/cuisine section is separated from where the cats lounge, but when you're done enjoying their delicious espresso drinks and delectable treats, you can get in line to enter... 

There are certain rules that you need to keep to make sure the kitties feel safe and happy (for example, don't pick them up. In general, cats don't like being picked up). But besides that, you can literally just spend an hour petting cats. It's amazing.

All of Koneko's cats are up for adoption so if you feel like you've made a special connection with a furry friend during your stay, you can ask one of the staff to start the application process. Enjoy all the cute little babies below!

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