Tictail Market: Cute, Unique and Supporting Small Businesses! What More Can you Ask for?

While I also do love shopping at major brand-name stores like ZARA or Urban Outfitters here and there, I've always been an advocate and lover of local artists and boutiques. Something about handmade, unique pieces almost make it seem like the products aren't merchandise but more pieces in an art gallery. I've known of Tictail, an online source for emerging brands to sell their products, for a few years now but when I found out that they had a physical NYC boutique in the Lower East Side, I knew I had to go visit.

What made me more excited to go visit was that in honor of Women's History Month, Tictail Market NYC was dedicating its shop to displaying art and other pieces of local female artists - how awesome is that? 



There were so many cute and unique pieces! I wanted to buy everything, it was quite dangerous.

Price-wise, as each and every piece in the boutique is created by local vendors, there was a range from moderately expensive to pretty expensive items, but the items are unique and one of a kind.

From bags to shoes to clothes to prints and accessories, there was something for everyone! 

And even if you don't plan on purchasing anything, it's such an aesthetically pleasing shop, most definitely worth a visit if you're ever around the LES!


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